HOme Buying or Selling?


Are you buying or selling a house? 

WETT certified technicians have different levels of certification for their inspectors. There is a level one inspection, a level two inspection and a level three inspection, just like the National Fire Protection Agency’s code 211. (See WETT page for the different levels of inspection.)

WETT Canada suggests that a level one inspection performed by a basic site inspector will appease most insurance companies for fire insurance when buying or selling property. This has not been our experience. Two to three times a week, we are called after the home has been purchased, (usually 30 to 60 days after purchase date), to perform a level two inspection at the request of the insurance company.

A level two inspection performed by a comprehensive inspector has been turning up overlooked damages and design flaws that were missed by the basic site inspector. This has been adding up to thousands of dollars of repairs for each home affected.

NFPA 211, which is the code that WETT Inc has based their three inspection levels on, requires that a level two inspection be performed on all heating systems at time of transfer of property. WETT requires the inspector performing a level two inspection be a comprehensive WETT certified inspector.

So, make sure you don’t get burned, contact Guardian Inspection Services, whose comprehensive inspector is a mason, systems advisor, fire prevention officer associate and has over thirty years of experience in the trade.

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